Personnel consulting

Good engineering needs good employees

For us, candidates are not the means.
But the focus!

We consider your company’s technical requirements and culture all the while evaluating whether it’s a match with the background, personality and preferred working environment of each applicant.

As a result, through us you will not only reach employees you would like to hire, but also those who would immediately like to work for you! ReQuest stands for qualitative and efficient engineering recruiting and consulting.

Own ways are a means to an end

Our software development group had problems finding suitable IT talent.

That’s when we decided to set up ReQuest to solve this issue. We believe that you cannot find the right employees with pure CV scanning, or with special “AI algorithms” – but rather, a combination of personal exchange, trust and technical know-how is crucial to find the perfect match.

Since our approach was well-received and successful, we decided to expand our work to the engineering industry.



Contact is established between ReQuest and your company

Pre-Job briefing

We develop a precise understanding of your requirements


Together with our team, we analyze your requirements


We identify the right candidates, tailored to your company and your requirements


We introduce you to suitable candidates. You have the final say.


our new employee will be at your disposal as soon as the contract of employment has been signed.

Our models


  • Short-term need for qualified workers
  • Also possible on a long-term basis
  • Fair price and goodwill models
  • Possibility of a change from Classic to Partner

Partner Model

  • Long-term need for qualified workers
  • Fair price and goodwill models
  • Numerous benefits such as “Business & Friends” events, corporate marketing
  • Special conditions based on this package